CD11 Flashpoint: New Sherrill Ad Goes on Offense Against Webber

Highlighting the voices of women in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District, today the Mikie Sherrill Campaign released an ad calling out what the campaign argues is Assemblyman Jay Webber’s record of voting against New Jersey women and families.

“Assemblyman Webber has spent ten years in Trenton pushing his agenda on the women of New Jersey,” said Sherrill Campaign Manager Mollie Binotto. “Women in our community are shining a light on Assemblyman Webber’s long career of voting against our values, like the right for women to make their own healthcare decisions and equal pay for equal work. His harmful record in the Assembly on women and families has no place in Congress.”



WOMAN 1: Jay Webber was one of only two legislators to vote against equal pay for women (STAR-LEDGER, 4/25/18)

WOMAN 2: Jay Webber is against a woman’s right to choose (INSIDER NJ, 2/9/18)

WOMAN 3: And he said he wants to overturn Roe v. Wade (FIRST THINGS JOURNAL, MAY 2002)

WOMAN 4: Jay Webber is trying to make gay marriage illegal again (ACR 11, 1/16/14)

WOMAN 5: He even voted in favor of conversion therapy to “fix” gay teenagers (A3371, 6/24/13)

WOMAN 1: Jay Webber is just another politician, trying to push his agenda, on us

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