Chris Christie Discusses the Capitol Riots & How He Differs from Trump with Steve Adubato

Recorded on 1/13/2021, Steve Adubato is joined by Former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie (R), to talk about the United States Capitol riots on January 6, 2021, President Trump’s involvement in inciting the riots, and the biggest challenges and opportunities Joe Biden will face in his presidency. They also discuss the lessons Governor Christie learned from his personal experience with COVID-19 and the challenges facing vaccine distribution in New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie says in regard to the January 6th Capitol riots, “words matter, actions matter, in a democracy. More than almost anything. The way we argue with each other, the way we debate, the way we discuss, and the way we accept the verdict of democracy.” He adds that President Trump continued to say that the election was a fraud, and therefore, the people of the United States wanted to believe their president, so they did. He says, “Those words matter. And it’s what lead to the riot on January 6th on Capitol hill. His actions, his words, his conduct, inspired those people to do what they did.”

Governor Chris Christie discusses the differences in style between him and President Trump. He says, “The difference is the truth. Now you can be blunt and direct, and I think public officials should be, I think that’s what the public wants. But you have to tell the truth. And when you’re blunt and direct and you’re lying, that’s completely unacceptable. And it’s an abrogation of your responsibility as an elected official.”

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