Christie Makes His Case for Vitale’s Bill Before a Joint Session of the Legislature

TRENTON – Governor Chris Christie derided Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) for blocking him out of the assembly chamber and upbraided the PR machine of Horizon as he settled in behind a podium in the senate chamber this afternoon.

“One person – the assembly speaker – has chose [sic] to refuse his members the right to vote,” Christie told a joint session of the legislature. “In fact, he refuses to even discuss it. He chose to shut down the government. I have been straightforward and consistent. It took compromise real compromise to get where we are today.”
The governor made his case for S-4, the bill authored by state Senator Joe Vitale (D-19).
“The legislature having the nerve to remind a charity that it has charitable obligations,” Christie said. “There is no slush fund. There is no money grab. You will not find a reference to the government taking $300 million. It isn’t in there. [Throughout this process] Horizon has hid behind deceptive advertising and phony math. The simple fact is Horizon doesn’t want additional oversight. …I will not capitulate to the high priced lobbyists’ … campaign.
“Let’s do it today and then all go home,” he added.
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