Ciattarelli: ‘He can bring in the Ghost of FDR; I don’t Give a…’


PARLIN – Jack Ciattarelli likes to say he’s the genuine Jersey guy.

So he offered a “Jersey guy” reaction tonight to the Phil Murphy campaign bringing in Jill Biden (last week) and Barack Obama (later this week) to boost Democratic turnout.

“He can bring in the ghost of FDR, I don’t give a s —,”  Ciattarelli told about 400 people at a lively town hall meeting in a local fire department hall.

The crowd roared its approval and took turns booing the first lady and former president when their names were mentioned.

As we move within two weeks until Election Day, Ciattarelli says he’s feeling good.

Asked by an audience member how his campaign was doing, Ciattarelli said he’s in better shape poll-wise than Chris Christie was in 2009 at this point in time.

He also compared the race to a baseball season, noting that championships are won in October, not May.

Then, we got around to voting, or rather, voting integrity.

This question is raised just about every time Ciattarelli meets residents.

We have Donald Trump to thank for that. With Trump still carrying on about the 2020 election, it’s inevitable that questions about election integrity are going to pop up at just about every Republican gathering.

“There’s so much cheating,” said the woman who raised the issue Wednesday night. She offered no examples.

Ciattarelli handles this question well, but you have to wonder if his message is getting through.

He points out that all 21 counties in New Jersey have election boards with four members – two from each party. He said he’s confident these individuals are doing, and will continue to do, an honest job.

He also says people can vote three ways this year – by mail, via early voting for the first time and on Election Day.

As is typical for Republicans, very, very few people raised their hands when Ciattarelli asked how many planned to vote by mail. He shrugged and said one in six voters casts a ballot by mail.

But here’s his larger point:

People have to vote.

“Don’t think it’s rigged, you’re going to psych yourself out,” he said.

He beseeched his supporters to “don’t let anyone stay home.”

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  • Aida Dapizza

    Hit the grocery store, the gas station and go collect those Republican votes all of them.

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