Ciattarelli Views Guadagno’s Latest Ad as Evidence of His Success

On the road this morning, dashing from event to event, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16) fired back at the Guadagno Campaign, which went hard negative against him this week in a cable television ad.

“Kim is the typical politician who desperately wants to hold onto public office,” Ciattarelli told InsiderNJ. “Nothing surprises when it comes to that campaign. But what her ad tells me is if she’s already abandoned her positive ad of two weeks ago and resorted to negativity, my campaign is successful.”

The candidate defended his five-point plan for New Jersey in the face of what he described as Guadagno’s inaccurate onslaught.

“The best analogy I can use is if I increase your water bill $10 but decrease your electric and gas bill by $20, that’s a plan that should have your support,” said the Republican gubernatorial candidate. “This is what some folks fail to realize. I favor restructuring our tax code in such a way as to lower everyone’s tax burden.”

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