Ciattarelli Wins First Ballot Middlesex Screening Committee Recommendation; Vote Goes to Second Ballot

OLD BRIDGE – Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16) tonight won the first ballot vote of the Middlesex County GOP screening committee, but will need two thirds support to get the committee to recommend him to the full committee.

On the first ballot, Ciattarelli won 31 votes.

LG Kim Guadagno won 21 votes.

Joe Rullo and Steve Rogers netted 7 votes.

Now the committee will go to a second ballot to determine a winner.

Giving up his assembly seat to run for governor this year, Ciattarelli had a leg into this county since South Brunswick occupies part of the 16th District.

On the second and final ballot, Ciattarelli won 36-22.

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  • Ken Bank

    Looks like Joe Rullo was cheated. The Rullobots will be furious!

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