The Collision in Politics of Disparate Worlds

Scott Paul

Scott Paul is both a musician and a Democratic candidate for Sussex County commissioner.

Those two seemingly disparate worlds are now colliding.

Republican Dawn Fantasia, one of two GOP incumbents seeking reelection to the five-member board, this week presented a review of both Paul’s campaign platform and his music.

Headlined “When words fail, music speaks,” Fantasia termed the lyrics of a Paul creation, “Never Get Boring,” as vile and disgusting and degrading women as nothing more than “playthings” for men.

Connecting this to Sussex politics, she says the lyrics are in stark contrast to Paul’s campaign pledge to work for all. Fantasia also seeks to connect Paul’s music to what has become a statewide Republican campaign theme – the Murphy Administration treats women poorly. Examples include the Katie Brennan rape allegations and the documented harsh treatment of women at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility.

Displaying both sarcasm and a bit of cleverness, Fantasia says self-proclaimed feminists should keep those things in mind the “next time you don your pink hat.”

Leaving statewide politics aside, let’s look at some of the lyrics.

The samples below suffice:

Listen up, I told ya, I’m a killer, I’m a soldier.
And the lady of your dreams,
I got her chillin’ on my sofa.
And she came so hard,
Now the b***h is in a coma.”

“Lately I been feelin’ so high,
If I ever come down I’m soaring.
Fell asleep in some p***y last night,
I woke up in some p***y this morning.
And even though it happens all the time
It don’t never get boring.”

Paul said in response that he was initially “flattered” by the attention Fantasia is giving his video. He said it came out about a year ago and that he never tried to hide its existence.

But he added that Fantasia doesn’t have the credentials to judge his art and that she’s engaging in “political gamesmanship.”: He said he doesn’t take her criticism seriously.

For the record, Fantasia is director of a charter middle school in Bergen County. In a phone conversation, she stressed that these are words that Paul wrote himself.

This, obviously, is not the first time rap music lyrics have caused a commotion. Critics often complain about lyrics they consider demeaning to women.

But it’s a bit unusual for this debate to nudge its way into a race for county commissioner.

Paul is running on the Democratic ticket along with Mike Vrabel.

The other Republican candidate is Chris Carney.

On the surface, this doesn’t seem to be a fair fight.

Democrats have made inroads in northwest New Jersey. Both House members representing the county are Democrats.

However, as of now the changing winds have not made it to local governments in Sussex, where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by a healthy margin of 49,000 to 26,000 countywide.

The candidates debated last week and Paul theorized that Fantasia’s release came about because Democrats won the debate. That’s a subjective judgement to be sure.

Paul also noted that GOP candidate Carney had a recent problem of his own with unpleasant verbiage, namely referring to a woman as a “bitch” in a text message.

“I used coarse language,” Carney said in apologizing for the text at the debate.

No word if he put his apology to music.

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One response to “The Collision in Politics of Disparate Worlds”

  1. Every time you think Dawn Fantasia has reached rock bottom, she sinks deeper.
    The stupid is truly strong with her. 

    She’s now trying to equate real-world misogyny with rap music lyrics, harkening back to the days of Tipper Gore and her misguided attempt to censor music. 

    The Fantasia/Carney campaign has issued a press release, signed by “No Respect” Fantasia herself, condemning Democrat Commissioner candidate Scott Paul, an aspiring musician in his own right, for a hip-hop song he wrote–which has nothing to do with anyone in government–in an obvious attempt to deflect attention from the hateful comments of her own running mate, Chris (Hardhead) Carney.  Remember, Fantasia previously said Carney would have to address this on his own?  Seems like he didn’t. 

    Someone needs to explain to Fantasia that song lyrics are Constitutionally protected free speech.  But then again, she doesn’t believe in the Constitution, as does the rest of the Republican slime in Sussex County. 

    In Dawn’s world, misogynistic insults are acceptable–especially when directed at opposing viewpoints–but music and lyrics are not.  Just wondering, does she teach communism to her students?  Are her favorite leaders Vladimir Putin, President Xi and other opponents of free speech?  We already know she worships Trump, who combines all of these attributes into one spray-tanned moron; maybe she wants to write his speeches! 

    Dawn wants you to respect women and not objectify them, unless they call out your hypocrisy or your cronies. 

    Dawn wants you to believe women when they come forward with a story of mistreatment or abuse, unless the story/accusation is against her or her people. 

    Dawn wants you to do as she says but not as she does. It’s that simple. 

    And naturally, since little Miss Thing can’t fight her own battles, she’s enlisted the aid of her sycophants/flunkies, Farming Fraud Joe Labarbera and William “Rubashov” Winkler, whose combined IQ still comes up points short of moron level.  Neither one of them can string together coherent thoughts, which makes me wonder how Fantasia–who is allegedly a teacher (sad state of that profession to carry her as a member)–uses them to speak on her behalf.  Maybe THAT’S why she doesn’t understand the difference between song lyrics and political speech.  Go play your Debby Boone records, Dawn. 

    Fantasia, Carney, Labarbera and Winkler.
    They all deserve each other.
    We don’t deserve or need need a single one of them. 
    Let’s get rid of them.

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