‘Committee to Build the Economy’ PAC Raises $1 Million Toward Murphy Effort

Jones within ear-nibbling range of Murphy last month.

Democratic Party-affiliated groups looking to put a footprint on the governor’s contest are pouring money into a PAC called the Committee to Build the Economy (CBE), a fundraising arm for labor groups and others intent on boosting the campaign coffers of Democrat Phil Murphy.

After putting up millions of his own fortune in the Democratic Primary, Murphy – a former Goldman Sachs executive and former U.S. Ambassador to Germany – opted to accept public financing for the November general election.

Contacted for comment, the PAC committee anchored by Ed Farmer of Millennium Strategies – released a statement.

“The Committee to Build the Economy (CBE) was formed to ensure that the shared progressive values of the people of New Jersey are represented in the gubernatorial election. After seven plus years of failed leadership, CBE will be an advocate to help rebuild New Jersey’s economy by putting the interest of working class New Jersey residents first. CBE raised one million dollars towards this effort through June 30 and plans to continue to work with its partners to raise the necessary funds to achieve its goal.”

Farmer is a former chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-9).

The Committee to Build the Economy’s (CBE) official website can be found here.

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2 responses to “‘Committee to Build the Economy’ PAC Raises $1 Million Toward Murphy Effort”

  1. What a joke . . donors are all big unions looking for our taxpayer $$$. Just another group Phil the Thrill will need to pay off with our $$ once he is elected. When will you start a tote board of the cost to taxpayers of all his promises . . After he is elected??

  2. This is pretty funny – A supposed business PAC represented by Ed Farmer, former congressional aide whose company lives off of government contracts by attempting to get government grants –heading an organization that professes ” shared progressive values of the people of New Jersey” – What shared values are those? Taxes, More Taxes, Taxes the successful, Tax business. Sounds like a share recipe for economic disaster

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