Convinced he and Blackman can Unite, Correa says Dodd Cannot Return

Don’t overhype the Dover saga of Mayor Carolyn Blackman and Alderman Edward Correa, the latter told InsiderNJ this morning.

They have their fights, but they’re ultimately allies in the struggle to prevent former Mayor James Dodd from returning to the throne of local power.

Correa formerly served as Blackman’s campaign manager.

They’ve riffed and tiffed, but if Blackman decides to run for reelection, Correa said he will support her.

That said, “A lot of people in Dover asking me to do this [run for mayor].”

The alderman said he continues to consult with his political team and they are “still waiting to see what Mayor Blackman does.”

“I was her campaign manager and ally; she entrusted me. We don’t know what her intentions are but out of respect to her, I have not made a decision [about a mayoral run] at this time. We’re going to have a conversation and we’re going to come together as a very strong Democratic group.  We’re going to come in as a big strong coalition.”


“We have had enough of him,” said Correa. “He served from 2006 to 2019 or 14 years as mayor. His behavior on the streets, his disrespect of Mayor Blackman, speaks volumes about his character.

“He cannot come back,” the alderman added. “Mayor Blackman and I agree on a lot of areas. We agree that Dover needs compassionate and strong leadership. We believe in responsible spending and redevelopment and park improvements.”

It just come down to who between the two represents the stronger candidate to resist the come-backing Dodd.

They’ll talk it out.

If Blackman can convince him she can beat Dodd and do it better than he can, Correa said he will absolutely back her.

But he will make his case and seek her support.

It’s volatile.

“We definitely inherited a trainwreck; Mayor Dodd didn’t even leave us the keys to town hall. We inherited a financial wreck then COVID hit.”

Correa said he originally intended to run for mayor in 2019, then stepped aside to join forces with Blackman and despite their differences over the past four years he said he is confident they will remain together, whomever occupies the top of the ticket.


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