The Tiffs of Dover

Dover mayoral candidate Carolyn Blackman

Dover could prove interesting this year.

Well, it’s usually interesting (or entertaining).

It’s probably more accurate to say that it will live up to its reputation as lively political country.

First of all, it looks like it could be a citywide rematch, between incumbent Mayor Carolyn Blackman (pictured) and former Mayor James Dodd.

Blackman beat Dodd in 2019 by a very slender margin.

A source said she is convinced she can beat him a second time.

Wrinkling matters even more is the presence on scene of Dover Alderman Edward Correa, who is also said to be eyeballing the mayoralty.

It could turn into a three (or even four) way contest.

It’s volatile.

Talks in progress.

More to come.

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