Currie Rails Against Speziale Ahead of Sheriff’s Campaign Kickoff


Passaic County Democratic Chairman and former State Democratic Party Chairman John Currie today detailed what he described as “the many betrayals perpetrated by Jerry Speziale against the Democratic Party he now claims to want to represent.” 

Speziale tomorrow will formally announce his candidacy as a Democrat for the County Sheriff position vacated due to the tragic death of Sheriff Richard Berdnik but he is refusing to even screen in front of actual Democrats, Currie said.

Speziale is well-known among county Democrats “for selling out the Democratic Party when he colluded with top Republicans in 2010 to abandon his post as County Sheriff to accept then-Governor Chris Christie’s offer to work at the Port Authority. Speziale’s resignation in the middle of a contentious political campaign was later confirmed in a sworn affidavit from a top Port Authority official to be arranged directly by Christie in an attempt to hamstring the county Democratic Party,” the chairman said. 

At the time, county Republicans celebrated the fact that Speziale would not be using his over half a million dollars in campaign contributions against them because of his new job as a Christie cop.  When Democrats suggested that Speziale return the money contributed by Democrats for a Democratic campaign Speziale refused and said he would donate the money to charity.  That never happened and now Speziale intends to use those ill-gotten gains for his Primary campaign this year.

“After leaving the Port Authority as a political pariah, Speziale then fled to Prichard, Alabama, to become their Chief of Police,” the chairman recalled. “Of course, Prichard’s mayor learned the hard way who the unscrupulous Speziale truly was after only finding out his Police Chief was vacating his position through media reports.”

Upon his return, Speziale became the Public Safety Director in Paterson while also working in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

“Speziale proved to be so ineffective at doing both jobs that the state of New Jersey eventually had to come in and take oversight over the Paterson Police Department,” Currie complained.

Speziale endorsed a Republican for Sheriff against then-candidate Berdnik in 2013, and allowed his name to appear on a mailer endorsing the Republican candidate for Surrogate in 2021.

Speziale also provided his full-throated endorsement for Pennsylvania Congressman Dan Meuser. Rep. Meuser is a proudly pro-MAGA Trump apologist, an election denier who sought to invalidate Pennsylvania’s 2020 election results and a staunch advocate in the fight to strip away women’s rights.

“Jerry Speziale would wear a MAGA hat and dance onstage to YMCA with Donald Trump if he thought it would get him his next elected position,” said Currie. “Jerry is a two-bit politician and a fraud.  He sold us out for his own blind ambition before and he will do it again.  We have all worked too hard and come too far to allow a deceitful MAGA supporting Christie conspirator to try and sneak in and steal this election. He doesn’t even have the common decency or respect for the people who built this party and work every day towards its successes to come and share his vision.”

Earlier today, Speziale sent out details regarding his formal campaign kickoff tomorrow:

PASSAIC COUNTY– Tomorrow, former Sheriff Jerry Speziale will announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination to be Passaic County’s next sheriff. The county, which has suffered the untimely and tragic loss of Sheriff Richard Berdnik, needs someone that can deliver tried and true leadership from the moment they take office. Speziale’s outstanding law enforcement career makes him the clear choice for Passaic County Sheriff.

He is one of New Jersey’s most celebrated crime-fighters who is best known for his undercover work as a Drug Enforcement Agency officer who helped take down one of Colombia’s largest drug cartels. He was also highly regarded during his tenure as former Passaic County Sheriff from 2001 to 2010.

Tomorrow, please join Brian Jackson, President of Passaic County Building and Construction Trades with many other labor and community leaders to witness history.

WHO: Candidate for Sheriff Jerry Speziale, President of Passaic County Building and Construction Trades Brian Jackson and many labor and community leaders

WHAT:         Jerry Speziale campaign kick-off event

WHEN:         Friday, March 1, 2024 at 11:00 AM

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6 responses to “Currie Rails Against Speziale Ahead of Sheriff’s Campaign Kickoff”

  1. I find it amazing that Passaic County Democratic Chairman and former State Democratic Party Chairman John Currie has the gall to blast a candidate for sheriff for having “blind ambition” to run for election. What does Currie think that the Democrats, or I dare say Communist, candidates do in Passaic County and other Democrat-Communist controlled counties???? They are running with “blind ambition”. They don’t give a twit about New Jersey residents county-wide or state-wide. All Democrat-Communists are interested in is “blind power” and “total control” of the county and/or state. Currie is full of B.S. if he thinks voters will believe the effluent flowing out of his mouth. It’s nothing more than projection.

    And, by the way, why is Currie, a black Democrat-Communist railing against a white candidate for Sheriff???? Isn’t that a bit anti-white racist of him.?????

  2. Currie thinks he controls Passaic County along with his corrupt loyalist politicians! This is the only State in the nation that allows party line voting during elections! Jerry Speziale will have no trouble winning this election! If anything should be looked into is the political system in Passaic County. And how certain people in positions have become so wealthy!

  3. Currie doesn’t want Speziale because Currie is a PRO-CRIME, ANTI-BAIL, WEAK PROSECUTOR supporter. Currie isn’t interested in curbing crime or having bail for recidivist criminals in Passaic County, especially those coming out of Paterson, Passaic and Clifton, where a bulk of the violent crime is coming from. Paterson is ranked in the middle of the Top 100 MOST DANGEROUS CITIES in the United States. “Nice” kudos for New Jersey–NOT!!!! But, this is what Currie and his Democrat-Communist ilk want. Why???? Because they want to continue the corrupt “money train” in Passaic County and other Democrat-Communist controlled strongholds in New Jersey.

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