Custis: ‘Camden is Not a Mailbox’


Mayoral candidate Elton Custis today released the following statement regarding Gov. Phil Murphy’s endorsement of Vic Carstarphen:

“First, I want to say that the governor is always welcome in the great city of Camden.

“Second, while I admire Gov. Murphy’s passion and willingness to want to see the best in people, that alone is not powerful enough to silence the voices of black and brown voters in Camden that have been disrespected, disenfranchised, and are downright pissed off about the state of our community.

“I say this not from an ivory perch on the waterfront. No, I say this from Kaighn Avenue, Mickle Towers, Whitman Park, Cramer Hill, Centerville, Parkside, Fairview, East Camden, and every other neighborhood where my feet have touched the ground and my ears have listened to the pain, heartbreak, and fear over the past 20 years.

“For me, Camden is not a mailbox. Camden is my birthplace, my home. It’s what I wake-up to and place my head on the pillow at night. It’s what raised me, educated me, and taught me to fight for what I believe in.

“June 8th is that very fight. And for us, June 8th is more than an election; it’s an emancipation.”

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