Deflecting 2025 Guv Buzz, Sherrill Says She’s Focused on CD-11

Mikie Sherrill’s reelection last month in CD-11 was much easier than a lot of observers thought; she won with 59 percent of the vote, her best performance since she began running four years ago.

But come January, she’ll be in the minority. Talk about taking the glow off.

The newly-reelected congresswoman spoke about the new reality and related subjects in a phone conversation Monday afternoon.

Reflecting on her four years in Washington with Dems running the show, she said, “Being in the majority, I was able to deliver a lot of important things for New Jersey.”

Sherrill mentioned funding for the Gateway Tunnel, a long-delayed project to build a rail tunnel under the Hudson, and money to combat flooding.

Noting that a lot of this legislation was with Republican co-sponsors, she was somewhat optimistic of finding common ground in the new Congress. After all, environmental measures to stop flooding and prevent wildfires should be bipartisan.

Along those lines, she said, “There are a couple of pieces of legislation we have to pass.”  She mentioned raising the debt ceiling and the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes funding for Picatinny Arsenal, an important military installation in the district.

Things are changing in Congress, even for Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi, who Sherrill never voted for, is being replaced as party leader by Hakeem Jeffries. The party’s number two and three positions are also changing.

“We just elected a new generation of leaders,” Sherrill said, approvingly.

At the same time, no one can miss talk from Republicans about using their House majority to investigate Hunter Biden and the Biden Administration in general.

Investigations aside, Sherrill said that the GOP’s agenda is “becoming more and more unpopular” as the party caters to a staunchly-conservative, but not very large, base. She cited reports that some Republicans are talking about cutting aid to Ukraine and scaling back Medicare and Social Security.

Which brings us to the election and a “red wave” that did not happen.

It was, of course, impossible to ignore looming predictions of a massive Republican win; a forecast prompted by high inflation.

With the hindsight of what turned out to be an easy victory, Sherrill said there was “always concern,” although her internal polling was pretty good.

Democrats fought hard to make the race about women’s rights, a strategy that seemed to pay dividends, at least here in Jersey. The only Democratic House member to lose was Tom Malinowski in CD-7 and a new district map had a lot to do with that.

But there was something else besides abortion rights that probably helped Democrats.

“When I was on the ground (campaigning), people were concerned about January 6,” she said.

Democrats did talk about “democracy being on the ballot,” but polling didn’t necessarily show concerns about the insurrection resonating with voters. At a debate in Madison, Republicans in the audience groaned when Jan 6 was brought up, apparently thinking it was old news.

But Sherrill contended that at least in CD-11, voters were concerned about Jan. 6 and that helped her on Nov. 8.

Regarding the election, things were probably more acrimonious than they were in Sherrill’s previous runs in 2018 against Jay Webber and 2020 against Rosemary Becchi.

Among other accusations, Republican Paul DeGroot suggested that Sherrill had enriched herself through stock trades during her time in Congress. He also said near the end of the campaign that she had ties to China through her husband’s employer.

Sherrill said she fears that such “blatant mistruths” may become the new normal among right wing Republicans.

DeGroot wasn’t happy with Sherrill’s tactics either. He filed suit against her and her campaign, saying Sherrill’s TV ads lied and distorted his position on abortion. DeGroot is pro-choice.

Sherrill declined comment on the suit, which is pending in state Superior Court, Morristown.

Sherrill’s easy win combined with her resume – Annapolis, a Navy helicopter pilot, a federal prosecutor – have her often being mentioned as a candidate for higher office, perhaps governor in 2025.

In what was no surprise, Sherrill avoided offering any speculation along those lines.

She said she’s pleased to be reelected in CD-11 and that is her focus.

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5 responses to “Deflecting 2025 Guv Buzz, Sherrill Says She’s Focused on CD-11”

  1. Sherrill is a left wing liberal, nothing more.

    She favors chain migration, Visa lottery, amnesty for all illegals, Sanctuary policy, birthright citizenship, benefits for illegals, CRT, lenient criminal penalties, gender identity training, etc. The list goes on and on.

    She Opposes border security, mandatory E-Verify, reduction of total immigration, deportation of illegals, enforcement of current immigration laws, strict criminal penalties.

  2. As evidence Sherrill, as well as Booker & Menendez are supporting the Eagle Act. EAGLE Act would:

    Permanently remove jobs from access by American workers by allowing temporary workers with approved petitions for a green cards stay and work indefinitely in the U.S., regardless of annual numerical limits;

    Lift the per-country caps on employment-based green cards and raise the caps for family-based caps from 7% to 15%, reducing the level of diversity within the immigration system;

    Provide a pre-emptive amnesty to children of foreign guest workers who will lose legal status once they reach the age of 21.

  3. Sherrill made the following misrepresentation in her attempt to gaslight the public once again: “Investigations aside, Sherrill said that the GOP’s agenda is “becoming more and more unpopular” as the party caters to a staunchly-conservative, but not very large, base. She cited reports that some Republicans are talking about cutting aid to Ukraine and scaling back Medicare and Social Security”.

    Everyone of her above statements are counterfactual. She claims that the conservative base is not very large. I guess over 100 MILLION Americans who support Donald Trump for President is NOT a large base to her. As for cutting back Medicare and Social Security, I noticed that both have increased substantially due to bipartisanship. Republicans are talking about reining in Medicare and Social Security on the issue of fraud, since over $90 BILLION has been lost to fraud over the past 10 years. As for the GOPs agenda becoming more and more unpopular, that’s Democrat projection on to Republicans. Nobody supports the Democrat agenda for high inflation, high taxes, the border invasion causing high crime rates all over the nation, poor foreign policy, and uncontrolled gov’t spending.

    Sherrill is walking and talking the party line of Communism and total gov’t control. Since she’s voted almost 100% for it, anything she says otherwise is nothing more than another lie coming out of her mouth. As a lawyer and Democrat, you know she’s lying when her mouth is moving.

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