DeGise Wins the HCDO Chairmanship; Defeats Stack

KEARNY – In an historic election, Amy DeGise has won the chairmanship of the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) to become the first elected woman chair of the same party that produced Frank “I am the Law” Hague.

Daughter of a disrespected Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, the upstart school teacher announced her candidacy a month ago and tonight defeated Union City Mayor/Senator Brian P. Stack for the chairmanship.

Running on a message of holding her rival to account for his 2013 endorsement of Republican Governor Chris Christie, she won when Jersey City failed to deliver the votes necessary to offset Stack’s loss last week in West New York.

DeGise sawed fatally into Jersey City’s 293 votes, leaving the powerful 33rd District senator far short of what he needed out of Hudson’s biggest city.

Harvesting 56% of the total night’s production, DeGise won by 92 votes.

452 to 360.

There were 24 provisionals cast, not enough to change the outcome.

“Tomorrow we hit the reset button,” DeGise told an overjoyed crowd here at Kearny High School.

“We all gotta come together for Bob Menendez, big turnout in NOvember,” DeGise said beside outgoing HCDO Chairman Vincent Prieto.

A source shambled in the shadows of the event.

“Jersey City did not deliver,” he groused. “Do the math. If Stack had 73 and he got 30 out of Hoboken, give him another 25 anti around the county. That’s 128, which means he got 232 out of JC. That means 61 people from Jersey City screwed them.”

Craig Guy, Tom DeGise’s chief of staff and a highly regarded veteran operative, told InsiderNJ, “One of the strangest campaigns I ran. Tomorrow we put the party back together.”

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