Medical Cannabis in Detroit is Everything It Should Be in NJ

Insider NJ's Jay Lassiter describes his experience at a medical cannabis dispensary in Detroit, which he describes as everything dispensaries in NJ are not: quick, cheap, lots of selection and no crazy long line to wait in.

There’s a rally to cover so I’ll make this quick

(Detroit) So, I’m in Michigan covering this week’s debate. The room wasn’t ready when I arrived so I made lemons by heading to Botaniq, a medical cannabis dispensary a few miles from the hotel. Visiting a dispensary here was everything it’s not in NJ: quick, cheap, lots of selection and no crazy long line to wait in.

The actually apologized for a limited selection and I was too embarrassed to be like “this is a godddamn cornucopia compared to what we get back home.”

It’s all relative amiright?

My pot barista shared his fears that adult use legalization might leave medical patients in the dust. I share those concerns. How could it not?

I got a some pre-rolls and a big jar of Blue Dream, a lively cultivar known for inspiring creativity. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Botaniq offered up their usual 20% off discount for first-timers which was half as exciting as paying with a credit card. I’ll be getting AmEx points with today’s transaction, a sweet victory.

Sadly, medical cannabis purchases in NJ are still cash-only. The “best” Garden State medical cannabis goes for $500/oz. Similar amounts in Detroit were selling for $356.

Both New Jersey and Michigan  charge sales tax on medical cannabis purchase.


Jay Lassiter is an award-winning writer and podcaster who’s working tirelessly to get the government out of your bong. He’s on Twitter @Jay_Lass.

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