Dwayne Harris Resigning as Trenton City Clerk

Mayor W. Reed Gusciora paid tribute to City Clerk Dwayne Harris, who is stepping down effective May 22 amid the ongoing circus of an infamous phone call and the ensuing flap over a leaked tape. Harris has held the office for the past three years, joining the City of Trenton from Atlantic Highlands in July of 2017.

“Dwayne has been an exemplary civil servant selflessly serving Council City residents,” Trenton’s Mayor said on Wednesday when he learned that the Clerk would be ending his tenure. “It’s often a thankless but vital job.”

Prior to serving the City of Trenton, Harris was the Clerk and Registrar for the Borough of Atlantic highlands for almost 14 years.

“It’s been an honor to serve Trentonians in our State’s Capital over these years,” said Harris. “I want to make sure that I thank every member of my office, who have made my job a pleasure. Trenton deserves only the best, and most dedicated, public servants.”

Law Director John Morelli, whose work often overlaps with the Clerk’s in dealings with legislation, noted that “it’s easily one of the most important positions in local government. As it currently stands our Clerk’s office is a well-oiled machine. I’d put the job that he’s done against anyone else.”

Gusciora noted that the regional search for a replacement would begin immediately.

“Once we get clearance from COVID quarantines, we’ll need a steady hand to help guide us in reopening City Hall to the public,” concluded the mayor.  “We’re going to miss Dwayne, and the stability that he brought to all dealings with the Council and Trenton residents.”

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