East Orange Periscope: Timberlake’s Soon-to-be-Vacated Essex County Freeholder Seat

Essex County Democratic Committee Chairman Leroy Jones has 60 days to replace outgoing Freeholder Britnee Timberlake and he intends to use that time to make the best decision, a source told InsiderNJ. But right now, two names appear to be in the running, both – just like Timberlake and Lieutenant Governor-elect Sheila Oliver – East Orange brands.

The first is East Orange Councilwoman Alicia Holman of the 5th Ward, first elected to the governing body in 2005.

The second is East Orange Councilman Chris James, long active in the Democratic State Committee, former chief of staff to Lieutenant Governor-elect Sheila Oliver, and founder of his own political consulting firm.

A source close to the diner booth talks told InsiderNJ that Holman may have the edge – in part based on gender.

“If Chris comes on it will be 7-2 men to women – might be too much,” the source said.

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