The Edison GOP Moves in on Hahn as Possible Mayoral Material


A diner booth.

A fresh pot of coffee.

A mutual deep-set irritability over the current state of political affairs in Edison Twp.

And an absolutely no BS conversation.

The local GOP didn’t take long to move in on Keith Hahn, the just deposed chairman of the Edison Democratic Party, who agreed to talks about possibly running for mayor against incumbent Tom Lankey.

Hahn beat Democratic Party political animal Anthony Russomano for the chairmanship two years ago, which dented Lankey; but once in power, Hahn tried to make nice with the establishment. Then a revenge-mode Russomano got behind insurgent Shariq Ahmad, who banished Hahn earlier this week by a vote of 71-70.

Game over?

Not so fast, says an Edison source.

Now some Republicans – saddled with the prospects of a perennial zero-excitement candidate in a Democratic town – want to lift Hahn out of the sumo ring of Democratic Party politics and refashion him as the GOP version of a Round 3 Russomano heat-seeker, this time with Lankey himself as the general election target.

Talks are ongoing.

More later…

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