In Embattled Teaneck, Weinberg Praises Governor Murphy


State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37) acknowledged to InsiderNJ that they’re still woefully short in a town fighting to dig out from under the virus.

“Bergen County is ground zero here and Teaneck is the highest but we’re managing,” said the feisty Jewish grandmother, who said she’s feeling well and sounds her usual animated self on this Wednesday afternoon in the middle of COVID-19 mayhem.

In a phone conversation this afternoon with InsiderNJ, the senator was particularly forceful about getting out the following information, which she has posted on her Facebook page:

NJ critically needs donations to supply personal protection equipment (PPE) for those on the frontline fighting COVID-19. If you have equipment, please, email

Please share this message far and wide.

What we are seeking includes but is not limited to:

Safety glasses/goggles
Head covers
Shoe covers

Weinberg’s office staff is working remotely.

“In my beloved home town of Teaneck, most people are following the guidelines,” said the veteran Bergen senator. “Restaurants are opening as best they can.  One of my favorites, Amarone’s, is open for takeout starting tomorrow. The township is doing a great job of keeping the town informed. There are enough food places open.”

She said numerous friends and family members continue to reach out from afar.

“The governor has done a terrific job when he should be home resting and recuperating,” Weinberg said of Murphy.

Even her daughter out of state, on a call in which she told Weinberg that the family goldfish had died, let her mother know to watch out for the governor.

People are functioning.

Ever the campains and elections impresario, the senator admitted to being concerned about the upcoming May 12th nonpartisan elections.  “I want to make sure the election is being held,” she said of the all-VBM election, and at this point, she said she has every confidence it will proceed as scheduled.


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