The End of the Brueno Imbroglio


HANOVER – Things don’t always go according to plan.

A week after his appointment as municipal administrator, Robert Brueno has opted not to take the job.

A former township committeeman and businessman, Brueno’s appointment prompted opposition from those who said he lacked the necessary government experience for the position.

Administrative jobs of this type often go to the politically connected. In New Jersey, that’s not new.

What’s a bit different here is that publicity and opposition to Brueno’s appointment seemed to have an impact.

Here is a statement that appeared today on the township’s web page.

Bob Brueno informed the Township Committee on June 17th that he is declining the position of Hanover Township Business Administrator for personal reasons.  Brueno had been appointed to the position by the governing body during their June 10th regular meeting and was to begin working in this capacity on July 1st, as the successor to retiring Business Administrator Joe Giorgio.   As a result of Brueno’s decision not to accept the position, Giorgio has been asked by the Township Committee to defer his retirement and remain the Business Administrator indefinitely until a suitable candidate can be identified and appointed to the position.

Speaking on behalf of the Township Committee, Mayor John L. Ferramosca said, “We are disappointed that Bob declined the offer, but understand completely that he needed to do so for personal reasons.  We wish him all the best.  Fortunately, Joe Giorgio has graciously agreed to postpone his retirement and stay on until we can find his replacement.”    

For his part, Giorgio, who has forty years of on-the-job experience, is more than willing to delay his retirement to assist.   “Like the governing body, I regret that it didn’t work out with Bob, but am glad I can step in to give the committee the time to find a suitable candidate going forward.  I would do anything I could to help our Township at this time, even if it means putting off my retirement for a while.”

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