Eyeballing 2020, Zisa Likes GOP Chances in CD-5

Statement from BCRO Chairman Jack Zisa on the

  New Jersey CD-5 Congressional Race

On Frank Pallotta’s entry into the race

Frank is a good candidate, one of many good Republican candidates that are going to seek the nomination to face off against Rep. Josh Gottheimer in 2020. Frank has strong private sector experience and a sound economic background — and I believe his values reflect that of the majority of the hard-working people in the Fifth Congressional District. We can look forward to honest and informed debate among the Republican candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Congress.

On the GOP’s chances of Winning CD-5 in 2020

I believe the Republicans have an excellent chance to win back the congressional seat in District 5 in 2020. Our nation’s economy is doing extremely well; people have good paying jobs and they have hope for future. Company profits are up, hiring is up and investments are being made now that will create a stronger economy and more good paying jobs in the future. I believe the Republicans are on the right side of the issues – including immigration — and that the liberal Democrats are on the wrong side of the issues and they are drifting further to the extreme left every week.  The American people- especially those living in the Fifth District – don’t want socialism; they don’t want government-controlled health care; they don’t want higher taxes; they don’t want open borders. They want economic opportunity and freedom — and that’s what Republicans are giving them.

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  • AuntAnns

    Pallotta is a Democrat from Pal Park good luck with That .

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