Fight of the Week: Richter V. Hurley – Who’s Right on the Van Drew Question?

Hurley and Richter

WBG Talk Radio Show Host Harry Hurley this week criticized CD-2 Republican candidate David Richter for going on CNN to bash U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2), who last year switched parties from Democrat to Republican, upending the GOP Primary field in his home district.

Richter is upset with Van Drew.

Hurley, however, accused him of jumping the shark.

“Richter gave CNN exactly what they wanted. Their intent was to have a Republican do their dirty work and attack Van Drew, to help the Democrats,” Hurley wrote on Facebook. “Richter played right into their dirty hands. A rookie, stupid mistake. Or, intentional negative attack. Also, a violation of President Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment. Chris Russell would have stopped this Ill-advised interview request in its tracks.

“For the record, there is only one truth. Van Drew left The Democrat Party. They did not kick him out,” Hurley added. “Reminder, President Donald J. Trump enthusiastically supports and has formally endorsed Congressman Van Drew for re-election.”

In a rejoinder under Hurley’s initial post, Richter hit back.

“Harry, here are the FACTS. Ignore them if you want but these are all documented facts. I said Van Drew was ‘essentially thrown out’ by the Dems, and he was. Go look at all the media coverage in the week before he switched parties.

“The Atlantic County Dem Chair Michael Suleiman sent him a letter saying that if he voted against impeachment he would not get their support, Richter added. “Jeff called all the other county chairmen and asked for their endorsements and they ALL said no. Then he called around to the other NJ Dems in Congress and asked for their support and with only one exception [Frank Pallone] they all said no as well. So did Steve Sweeney. So did Phil Murphy. Van Drew was abandoned by the Dem leadership in NJ. Then he looked at a poll he commissioned showing only 22% of likely Dem voters would support him, with 58% wanting someone else as the party’s nominee.

“Within days he was at the White House cutting a deal to switch parties,” te candidate added. “This was not a move based on principles, this was simply a desperation move by a lifelong Democrat panicked about losing his job. Support your best friend Jeff all you want, it’s a free country, but DON’T IGNORE THE FACTS.”

Van Drew later this week went on NJTV with esteemed dean Mike Aron to make his own case for his party switch in one of the New Jersey’s battleground congressional districts. The Congressman has maintained from the beginning of his public statements on the matter that, like President Ronald Reagan, the party left him, he didn’t leave the party.

See the 8:15 mark of his Oval Office sit-down with Trump here.

But here’s the question:

Who’s right in the Hurley v. Richter debate when it comes to Van Drew’s self-professed poliitcal Road to Damascus?

Who is Right?




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  • Damian Fraley

    He left the looney left, but if you wanna say he got booted thats fine too, if the left doesn’t want you around then your probably doing something right!!!!!!

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