Former Legislative Aide to Jerry Green Appointed to Plainfield City Council

Elton Armady, former Legislative director to the late Assemblyman Jerry Green, last night assumed the oath of office of city councilman in Plainfield.

Following Mr. Green’s death in April, Freeholder Linda Carter succeeded him in the General Assembly and Plainfield City Councilwoman Rebecca Williams filled Carter’s vacancy on the Union County Freeholder Board.

On Monday night, Armady assumed his new position in the Citywide At-Large seat on the Plainfield City Council to fill the vacancy left by Williams.

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  • Bruce Paterson

    i wish him luck over in the west of the county and EA dont enact any corrosive political agenda hurting the residents. It was a corrupted battlezone for many years ago, but maybe with mapp at the helm and williams as UCFH, Plf will see some light.

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