Fulop has a St. Pat’s Parade Message for the Growing Guv Field

MORRISTOWN – It was chilly, cloudy and ready to rain Saturday morning, but when did that ever stop politicians from marching in a parade?

It certainly didn’t stop Steve Fulop, one of the Democrats running for governor next year.

The Jersey City mayor journeyed here today to march and to catch up with Tim Dougherty, the town’s mayor. Dougherty was one of the first officials to endorse Fulop’s gubernatorial campaign.

For a while Fulop was the only Democratic candidate. But now Steve Sweeney, the former Senate President, and Ras Baraka, the mayor of Newark, are in the race. More are expected.

“That’s good,” Fulop said, referencing the widening field.

A lot of this comes down to arithmetic. The more candidates in a race, the fewer votes you need to win.

That strategy, however, can fail if one candidate is overwhelmed by multiple ones.

Fulop doesn’t think that will happen to him.

Since announcing his candidacy, he has produced detailed positions on key issues. He also talked today about having enlisted many volunteers.

As for the 2025 gubernatorial primary, Fulop said, “I feel like we have a clear lane.”

As of now, local Dems are probably more interested in the Andy Kim-Tammy Murphy U.S. Senate face-off.
Morris County Democrats convene next Saturday to endorse a candidate.

Both Murphy and Kim have addressed Morris Dems and judging from the reactions of party members, Kim would seem to have the edge come next Saturday.

Fulop and Dougherty.



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4 responses to “Fulop has a St. Pat’s Parade Message for the Growing Guv Field”

  1. There is one candidate who has the experience and
    qualifications needed to be the governor. And it’s not Fulop, it’s Steve Sweeney.

  2. I am a progressive and live in JC for the past 20 yeaars. Origianlly was a big supporter of Fulop. But if you want you taxes to ballon then he is your canidate. Mine went up 30% in just the past year. Yes he blames BOE, but it seems to me that is lacking of planning. He let every developer build and make no plans for added infrascturure. Planning and financiall responsibility are not his stronge points.

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