Governor Christie Takes Action on Legislation

Governor Christie signed dozens of pieces of pending legislation today, and vetoed one, according to the Governor’s Office: 


S-169/A-4329 (Bateman/McKeon, Zwicker) – Allows certain emergency squad volunteers holding municipal elective office to vote on emergency squad concerns

S-452/A-838 (Sacco, Greenstein/Jimenez, Moriarty) – Requires waiver of dealer obligation regarding necessary repairs impacting vehicle inspection to include description of known defects

S-678/A-4967 (Rice/Watson, Tucker, Caputo) – Requires local government units to certify compliance with certain federal hiring requirements when filing annual budgets

S-726/A-4460 (Cruz-Perez, Oroho/Jones, Mosquera, Downey, Johnson) – Extends full protection of Law Against Discrimination to persons having liability for service in Armed Forces of United States; guarantees equal employment opportunity in State contracting to all veterans

S-996wGR/A-1378 (Rice, Van Drew, Turner/Muoio, Benson, Pintor Marin, Quijano, Schaer) – Requires report on status of lead-safe program in DCA

S-1219/A-936 (Holzapfel, Allen/Wolfe, McGuckin, Oliver, Giblin, Wimberly) – Requires reporting of suspected abuse of institutionalized elderly to police and that facility employees receive notice of reporting requirement annually; designated as “Peggy’s Law”

S-1359/A-4096 (A.R. Bucco, Stack/A.M. Bucco, Vainieri Huttle, McKnight, Mazzeo) – Guarantees full and equal access to all housing to disabled persons who retain their retired service or guide dog as a pet, and who also obtain a new service or guide dog

S-1497/A-3225 (A.R. Bucco, Pennacchio/Dancer, Clifton, Munoz, A.M. Bucco) – Designates Killed in Action flag as an official State flag; mandates it be displayed at certain public buildings

SCS for S-1640, 1642, 1013/AS AS ACS for A-3152, 3154, 2426 (Van Drew, Holzapfel, Singer, Turner/Andrzejczak, McGuckin, Land, Wolfe, Vainieri Huttle, Taliaferro, Benson) – Establishes requirements concerning necessary care of dogs, domestic companion animals, and service animals, and for tethering of dogs

S-1660/A-770 (Van Drew, Cruz-Perez/Andrzejczak, Land, Houghtaling, DeAngelo, Johnson) – Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns for maintenance of certain State memorials honoring war veterans

S-1731/A-2368 (Gordon, Allen/Vainieri Huttle) – Permits municipality to establish civil penalty for smoking in public places

S-1739/A-2167 (Turner, Diegnan/Johnson, Vainieri Huttle, Wimberly) – Establishes sexual assault training requirements for law enforcement officers

S-1750/A-2729 (Madden, Cruz-Perez/A.M. Bucco, DeAngelo, Space, Mosquera, Wisniewski, DeCroce, Mukherji, Jones) – Establishes special motorcycle license plates for veterans

S-1808/A-3342 (Van Drew, Diegnan/Karabinchak) – Designates striped bass as NJ State Saltwater Fish; redesignates brook trout as NJ Freshwater Fish

S-2153/A-3520 (Gordon/Eustace, Sumter, Wimberly, Vainieri Huttle, Johnson) – Requires NJTA to study impact of constructing rail stations at certain park and ride facilities

S-2369/A-4152 (Whelan, Van Drew, Connors/Andrzejczak, Mazzeo, Land, Burzichelli) – Limits application of DEP shellfish habitat rules for certain dredging activities

S-2457/A-3999 (Van Drew, Oroho/Houghtaling, Andrzejczak, Mazzeo, Space, Downey) – Enables collection of voluntary contributions for Jersey Fresh Program through gross income tax returns

S-2578/A-4239 (Cunningham, Pou, Gordon/Sumter, Jasey, Benson, Muoio, Downey, Mukherji) – Revises New Jersey College Loans to Assist State Students Loan Program to require applicants first exhaust federal student loans, require income verification, and limit total student loan amounts

S-2884/A-4484 (Whelan, Greenstein/Eustace, Quijano, Chiaravalloti, Caride) – Declares that deed restrictions or agreements that prevent raising or constructing of a structure to certain flood elevation standards are unenforceable

S-2892/A-5042 (Sweeney/Giblin) – Exempts certain real estate brokers, broker-salespersons and salespersons from continuing education requirement

S-3074/A-4586 (Lesniak, Turner/Johnson, Oliver, Holley, Chiaravalloti) – Establishes gubernatorial veto power over Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor’s meeting minutes; expands gubernatorial oversight powers over commission

S-3244/A-4854 (Sweeney, Allen/Singleton, Burzichelli, Taliaferro) – Designates portion of Interstate Highway Route 295 in West Deptford Township as “State Trooper Sean E. Cullen Memorial Highway”

A-445/S-1661 (Mazzeo, Pinkin, DeAngelo, Chiaravalloti/Van Drew, A.R. Bucco) – Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns for the NJ World War II Veterans’ Memorial Fund

A-1185/S-2771 (Mosquera, Holley, Moriarty, Quijano/Cruz-Perez, Van Drew) – Requires State Comptroller to report findings of audit compliance reviews

A-1199/S-1326 (Mosquera, Moriarty, Lagana, Zwicker, Downey/Turner, Oroho) – Permits a victim or witness of any age to testify by closed circuit television under certain circumstances in prosecutions for domestic violence, sexual assault, and certain other crimes

ACS for A-1690/SCS SCS for S-660, 2002 (Dancer, Singleton, Andrzejczak, Land, Benson, Moriarty, Houghtaling/Turner, Beach, Van Drew) – Allows fire district elections to be moved to November; eliminates certain fire district budget referenda; and eliminates certain fire district capital purchase referenda

A-1953/S-2448 (Coughlin, Lagana, Muoio, Benson, Houghtaling, Danielsen, Mukherji/Vitale, Whelan) – Allows installment payments for senior and disabled property taxpayers to repay overpayments of homestead credits and homestead property tax reimbursements

A-1955/SCS for S-1795 (Jones, Lampitt, Phoebus, Space/A.R. Bucco, Oroho) – Provides for voluntary discharge of personal representatives overseeing administration of estates by application to the Surrogate’s Court

A-2176/S-156 (Taliaferro, Eustace, Benson, Mazzeo, Chiaravalloti/Madden, Ruiz) – Criminalizes possession and sale of alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone (alpha-PVP), commonly known as “flakka” or “flocka”

A-3056/SCS for S-2360, 3030 (Taliaferro, Dancer, Houghtaling, Space, Andrzejczak, Webber/Allen, Greenstein, Bateman, Smith, Wimberly) – Requires DEP to establish voluntary guidelines for K-12 schools and institutions of higher education to reduce, recover, and recycle food waste; extends “Food Bank Good Samaritan Act” immunity protections to public and nonpublic schools.

A-3058/S-2366 (Space, Taliaferro, Dancer, Houghtaling, Andrzejczak/Oroho, Ruiz) – Establishes Farm to School Coordinating Council

A-3381 (McKnight, Holley, Vainieri Huttle, Houghtaling, Chiaravalloti, Quijano, Gordon) – Authorizes municipal volunteer programs for free removal of snow from certain residential properties occupied by seniors or disabled persons.

A-3386/S-2711 (Schaer, Vainieri Huttle, Chiaravalloti, Caride, Mukherji, Wimberly/Vitale, Rice) – Provides protections for children under the age of 18 with developmental disabilities and individuals with developmental disabilities ages 18-21 receiving services from Division of Children’s System of Care

A-3437/S-1076 (DeAngelo, Gusciora, Land, Andrzejczak/Turner) – Designates “Garden State” as State Slogan

A-3896/S-2790 (Sumter, Mukherji, Pintor Marin/Scutari, Turner) – Concerns sale of certain tires

A-3908/S-3021 (Mazzeo, DeAngelo, Mukherji, Houghtaling, Quijano/Whelan, T. Kean) – Establishes 9/11 Memorial Registry

A-3911/S-2863 (Wisniewski, Vainieri Huttle, Mukherji/Cardinale, Pennacchio) – Provides that motor vehicle registration expires on registrant’s numerical calendar day of birth

A-4164/S-2588 (Houghtaling, Downey, Holley, Muoio, Webber/Van Drew, Cruz-Perez) – Requires State Auditor to annually report on unspent State account balances

A-4206/S-2676 (Karabinchak, Prieto, Webber, Holley/Diegnan, A.R. Bucco) – Requires candidates for election to school board to file with their nominating petitions specific affirmation that they have not been convicted of crimes that would disqualify them from office

A-4230/S-3141 (Conaway, O’Scanlon, Mukherji, Pintor Marin/Codey) – Requires health insurance carriers; SHBP, and SEHBP to inform covered persons about organ and tissue donation

ACS for A-4432/SCS for S-2841 (Schaer, Lampitt, Benson, Singleton, Chiaravalloti, Wimberly/Cunningham) – Provides increased tax credit amounts under Grow New Jersey Assistance Program for certain businesses that have collaborative research relationships with colleges or universities

A-4542/S-2986 (Mazzeo, Johnson, Land, Andrzejczak, DeCroce/Van Drew) – Designates portion of State Highway Route 55 as “State Trooper Frankie L. Williams Memorial Highway”

A-4580/S-2989 (Taliaferro, Burzichelli, Quijano, Houghtaling/Lesniak, Oroho) – Appropriates $2,900,000 from “2009 Farmland Preservation Fund” for grants to certain nonprofit organizations for farmland preservation purposes

A-4581/S-2987 (Houghtaling, Andrzejczak, Singleton, Downey/Cruz-Perez, Oroho) – Appropriates $22,385,743 to State Agriculture Development Committee for farmland preservation purposes

A-4582/S-2990 (Andrzejczak, Mazzeo, Taliaferro, Zwicker, Houghtaling/Whelan, Van Drew) – Appropriates $32.5 million from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for county planning incentive grants

A-4584/S-2988 (Zwicker, Taliaferro, Burzichelli, Houghtaling/Sweeney) – Appropriates $7,500,000 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues for planning incentive grants to municipalities for farmland preservation purposes

A-4630/S-1938 (Jones/Cruz-Perez) – Repeals law regulating charges assessed by a miller for grinding grain

A-4673/S-3095 (Houghtaling, Downey/Van Drew) – Concerns assessment of buildings or structures on real property located in certain counties following material depreciation thereof

A-4713/S-3235 (Burzichelli, Prieto, Gusciora, DeAngelo, Benson/Kyrillos, Whelan) – Designates building where NJEDA is located in memory of Caren Franzini to commemorate her outstanding service to State

A-4895/S-3056 (Egan, Sumter, Pinkin/Cunningham) – Eliminates UI exemption for interns employed by hospitals


S-2214/A-3847 (Turner, Cunningham/Lampitt, Mukherji, Johnson, Eustace) – CONDITIONAL – Requires institutions of higher education and proprietary degree-granting institutions to improve transparency of tuition and fees

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