Gustafson Delights in Norcross’ Embrace of Murphy


Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s First Congressional District Claire Gustafson said today she was happy to see Governor Phil Murphy support Donald Norcross for re-election.

“The Governor coming to show his support to Donald Norcross is an excellent way to remind voters in South Jersey that Donald Norcross supports all of the Governor’s tyrannical mandates,” Gustafson said. “Unlike Governor Murphy and Congressman Norcross South Jersey voters believe in medical freedom, not mandates. We believe all businesses are essential, not just the businesses chosen by King Murphy.

“The Governor’s tyrannical rule helped my friends win seats at every level, from the legislature to the municipal level and in between on election day, his visit to South Jersey today is a reminder that he and Norcross believe the government knows what is better for our families than we the people” the Republican added. “I thank the Governor for coming to South Jersey and reminding voters that Donald Norcross supports the policies of Murphy, Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden.”

Murphy won Camden last year, but lost South Jersey.

“The Governor’s trip to South Jersey to stand and support Donald Norcross highlights the clear difference between us,” a devious Gustafson said. “Donald Norcross stands with Phil Murphy, Joe Biden and their big government ideals and tyrannical rule by mandate style of governing. I choose to stand with the people and believe in smaller government and personal responsibility and will continue to work against government mandates.”

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