Here’s What Happened Under The Gold Dome On Friday

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Here’s what happened under the Gold Dome on Friday (May 24th):


Nominations Received and Referred to SJU:


Janice L. Kovach, of Clinton, to replace John R. Bruno.


Charles P. Shotmeyer, of Franklin Lakes.

Joseph Allen McCallum, Jr., of Newark, to replace Jerome P. Amedeo.

Ruby N. Cotton, of Paterson, to replace Robert C. Garofalo.

Dr. Howard L. Burrell, of Glenwood.

Bills Introduced:

S3814 Bucco,A.R. SNAP-concerns weekly work req. REF SHH

S3815 Vitale,J Child support arrearages-concerns REF SJU

S3816 Singleton,T/Sweeney,S Patient Prot. Act-health care svc. req. REF SHH

Bills Transferred:

S3798 Diegnan,P Transp agencies-estab awarding contracts FROM SSG TO STR

Bills Withdrawn From The Files:

S3723 Corrado,K Sch closure-general/primary election day FROM SED

Bills Received from Assembly/Concurrence w/Assembly Amendments/Given Second Reading:

S1214 ScaAca (2R) Ruiz,M/Cruz-Perez,N+9 NJ Land Bank Law

S1761 Aca (1R) Weinberg,L/Singleton,T+16 Address Confidentiality Prog-expands

S1799 Aa (1R) Bucco,A.R./Bucco,A.M.+1 Fire safety comm.-incr. memb.

S1887 AcaAca (2R) Singleton,T/Greenstein,L+8 Industry-valued credentials-concerns

S2557 ScaAaAa (3R) Singleton,T/Oroho,S+14 Prevailing wage-allows stop-work orders

S2575 Aa (1R) Diegnan,P/Greenstein,L+8 Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act-examine

S2986 ScaAa (2R) Weinberg,L/Greenstein,L+8 Panic button for hotel emp.-concerns

Bills Received from Assembly/Referred to Committee:

A259 Kean,S/McKnight,A+51 Accidential disab. benf.-concerns elig. REF SBA

A312 AcaAca (2R) Pinkin,N/Conaway,H+34 Palliative care svcs.-prov. info. REF SBA

A1056 Aca (1R) Houghtaling,E/Downey,J+3 Workers, locked out-health insur. benf. REF SLA

A3395 AcaAca (2R) McGuckin,G/Dancer,R+44 Pub. sch. dist.-subcontract agreements REF SED

A3612 Aca (1R) Downey,J/Freiman,R+15 Vet suicide pub svc announcement-concern REF SMV

A3664 Caputo,R/Jasey,M+49 Non-teaching staff-concerns arbitration REF SLA

A3717 Aca (1R) Mukherji,R/Downey,J+5 Pharmacy benf. mgrs.-concerns REF SCM

A3769 Aca (1R) Zwicker,A/Freiman,R+6 Hosp. lic. cert qualif-prov cardiac svcs REF SHH

A3773 Aca (1R) McKeon,J/Jasey,M+7 NJBEST prog.-allows tax deductions REF SBA

A3979 Acs (ACS) Lopez,Y/Vainieri Huttle,V+10 Dignity Incar Prim Caretaker Parents Act REF SLP

A4136 AcsAa (ACS/1R) Andrzejczak,B/Land,R+1 Black sea bass-concerns limit REF SEN

A4150 Aca (1R) Lampitt,P/Jones,P+8 Suspension, student-meet w/sch. psych. REF SED

A4282 Calabrese,C/Jasey,M+6 Nursing home resid.-concerns complaints REF SHH

A4529 Aca (1R) Mazzeo,V/Armato,J+6 Superstorm Sandy-concerns contr. fraud REF SCU

A4552/4385 Acs (ACS) Armato,J/Mukherji,R+8 Dogs and cats-proh. leasing REF SCM

A4564 Aca (1R) Zwicker,A/Freiman,R+1 Voting Precinct Transparency Act-estab. REF SSG

A4772 AcaAca (2R) Schaer,G/Mukherji,R+14 Lead Ed, Accountability & Disclosure Act REF SEN

A4788 Aca (1R) Karabinchak,R/Freiman,R+7 Expedited constr. inspection prog-estab. REF SCU

A4814/4520 Acs (ACS) Downey,J/McKeon,J+4 Transient accommodation taxes-concerns REF SBA

A4882 Aca (1R) Kennedy,J/Holley,J+13 Accidental disab retir allowance-concern REF SSG

A4970 Aca (1R) Chiaravalloti,N/Sumter,S+3 Asset forfeiture procedures-concerns REF SLP

A5142 Milam,M/Land,R+6 Bus. assist. prog.-concerns REF SEG

A5369 Aca (1R) Chiaravalloti,N/Vainieri Huttle,V+6 Patient Prot. Act-health care svc. req. REF SHH

A5385 Burzichelli,J/Pintor Marin,E Container e-liquid-concerns sale & tax REF SBA

AJR17 Pinkin,N/Schepisi,H+4 Skin Cancer Detection Prev Mo.-desig May REF SHH

AJR36 McKnight,A/Chaparro,A+4 Kids Entrepreneurship Awareness Week REF SCM

AJR115 Aca (1R) Murphy,C/Mosquera,G+6 Domestic Viol., Legal Access Task Force REF SJU

AJR158 Aca (1R) Houghtaling,E/Downey,J Medicaid Fin Resources Limits-task force REF SHH

AJR159 Verrelli,A/Mejia,P+3 Children’s Art Wk.-first full wk of June REF SSG

AJR202 Jones,P/Benson,D+6 Battleship USS NJ Day-desig May 23 REF SSG

Bills Received from Assembly/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

A10/3740/3437 AcsAaAaAcsAca (ACS/1R) Downey,J/Danielsen,J+7 Med. cannabis-revise req. to auth/access

A1700 Aca (1R) Dancer,R/Vainieri Huttle,V+6 Areas in need of redevel.-concerns

A4095 Houghtaling,E/Downey,J+2 Peddler’s lic.-concerns vets.

A4430/4555 Acs (ACS) Lopez,Y/Mukherji,R+11 Linda’s Law-life-sustaining equipm

A4710 Lampitt,P/Zwicker,A+9 Strengthening Gifted and Talented Ed Act

A4744 Aca (1R) Greenwald,L/Armato,J+12 Medication asst. treatment benf-prog req

A4918 Murphy,C One-stop event planning contact-desig.

A5321 Acs (ACS) Benson,D/DeAngelo,W+8 Transp. network companies-display ID

AJR196 Pintor Marin,E/Speight,S+3 Portugal Day-desig. June 10

Co-Sponsors Added:

S10/2426 ScsSaSaSaScaSca (SCS/5R) (Gill,N) Med. cannabis-revise req. to auth/access

S1961 (Madden,F) Consumer Access to Health Care Act

S2682 Sca (1R) (Andrzejczak,B) Palliative care svcs.-prov. info.

S3261 (Gill,N) Isolated Confinement Restriction Act

S3314 ScaSca (2R) (Bucco,A.R.) Medication asst. treatment benf-prog req

Prime Sponsors Added:

S626 (Vitale,J) Health insur. policies-concerns

Co-Prime Sponsors Added:

S626 (Diegnan,P) Health insur. policies-concerns

The Senate Minority Leader has made the following appointment:

*Effective May 21, 2019

North Jersey Passenger Advisory Committee:

Leonard Resto, of Chatham.

Note to the 3/5/2019 Digest:

Bills Introduced/Without Reference/Given Second Reading:

SJR127 Ruiz,M Portugal Day-desig. June 10 SWR 2RS *NOT* REF SSG

The Senate adjourned at 2:50 P.M. to meet again on Thursday, May 30, 2019 (SESSION).


The Assembly did not meet. The Assembly will meet on Thursday, June 6, 2019 (QUORUM, Committee Groups “A” and “B” scheduled to meet).

Bills Passed Both Houses/Sent To Governor:


Bills Signed Into Law Since Last Session (5/23/2019):


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