Hudson County Pulls Away from Contract with Remington and Vernick

The Hudson County Commissioners on Tuesday night killed a construction oversight contract with Remington and Vernick Engineers to manage a federally funded project on Kennedy Boulevard.

R and V originally won the bid, estimated at between $1.2 and $1.5 million.

But the commissioners sat on it, and used several meetings to quietly logistically kill the contract.

Last night, the elected officials never moved the item, officially stifling R and V on this project.

The county will rebid.

Commissioner Bill O’Dea cited timing concerns.

The county commissioners’ rejection of R and V played out against the backdrop of a significant portion of the establishment’s continuing discontent with the movements of Joey Muniz, who consults for Remington and Vernick.

Once the prime consigliere for the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO), Muniz lost his standing with the organization when sitting HCDO Chairman Anthony Vainieri took over.



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One response to “Hudson County Pulls Away from Contract with Remington and Vernick”

  1. another story of Remington and Vernick “Pay to play”!
    Muniz has been in their back pockets for years now, how do you think they get all these contracts up in North Jersey. Lots of sports tickets and other expensive gifts given all the time. This place is the essence of corruption.

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