Hudson Law Enforcement Brass Issue Statements of Support for Prosecutor Suarez


As the New Jersey Legislature prepares for a vote on Monday on a resolution that would give subpoena power to the select committee on investigations examining the governmental and campaign handling of allegations made by Katie Brennan against Al Alvarez, law enforcement brass in Hudson County circulated statements of support for Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez.

According to a proposed resolution by the Legislature, the Committee would review “the appropriateness of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s actions to oversee the handling of the allegations of sexual assault by a government official.”

Suarez’s office looked at the Alvarez case and did not pursue charges. 

The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office is now examining the Alvarez case.

For her part, the Hudson prosecutor subsequently said she stood behind the work of her office on the case.

“I am extremely proud of their professionalism,” she said. “During my three years as Hudson County Prosecutor I have been nothing but impressed with the dedication of the professionals in our Office and their concern for justice. This investigation has only strengthened that belief.”

Today, law enforcement officials in Hudson stood up for Suarez.

 The Executive Board of PBA 232 issued a statement.

“It’s come to our attention that this Monday, October 29, the Legislature will be voting on a resolution that creates a special legislative oversight committee. If the purpose of this is to investigate the actions of the Hudson County Prosecutor or The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office then we need to continue to stand with her against those that would disparage career law enforcement officers.

“As the Executive Board we represent 70+ hard-working committed professionals that sacrifice day in and day out for the citizens of Hudson County. 70+ Detectives that would never allow bad opinions or bad press change or interfere with how we perform our job that asks us to risk our lives every day. The Executive Board is proud to represent the men and women of the HCPO. We are proud of the work and effort that every one puts forth.

“The Executive Board of PBA 232 fully supports the Prosecutor Suarez and the HCPO. We will not let misinformation or political theatrics affect our duties and we will not let our good name be dragged through the mud.”

Patrick DeCarlo, Captain of Detectives for the Hudson Prosecutor’s Office and president of PBA local 232a representing the Superior Officers of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, said Suarez has the support of the membership of 232a.

The Hudson County Chiefs of Police Association (HCCOP) likewise issued a statement of support.

“The active Chiefs of the Hudson County Chiefs of Police Association (HCCOP) previously met to discuss our position and level of support for the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and Prosecutor Esther Suarez.  It is the position of the HCCOP Association, by unanimous vote, that we fully support Prosecutor Esther Suarez.

“Now we understand that the legislature is meeting this Monday to establish a legislative committee, in part, to review how the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office conducted a sexual assault investigation.  As an organization, the HCCOP are steadfast in our commitment to letting it be publicly known that we vouch for the professional work being done by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and we vouch for Prosecutor Suarez’  personal and professional character, as well as her integrity and the integrity of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO).  The integrity of the HCPO is one to be admired, and in our opinion, is unimpeachable.

“Please be assured every active Chief of Police in Hudson County stands ready to sign our names to a public written statement of support of her character and integrity, and that of the integrity of the entire office of the Hudson County Prosecutor.  Furthermore, we offer to appear with Prosecutor Suarez, to show her our support, at any future public hearings into this matter that may be convened by the NJ State Legislature or any other public body.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Molinari  (HCCOP Association President)

Kenneth Ferrante (HCCOP Vice President)

Robert Dowd (HCCOP Trustee and Past President)”

They followed up with a letter to lawmakers:

HCCOP Letter to NJ Legislature
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