In Pa., Street Says ‘We have a lot of Work to do’

Senator Sharif Street.

Sharif Street, chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, spoke from within the battleground conflagration of his home state tonight, as he tries to springboard John Fetterman into the United States Senate.

“The early voting looks pretty good and dramatically favors Democrats, which is no surprise, but we have a lot of work to do,” Street told InsiderNJ. “The energy level seems to be favoring us and the momentum  seems to favor us.”

Attorney General Josh Shapiro leads Republican Doug Mastriano by double digits, according to most late polling of the governor’s race, while the senate contest between Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz looks much closer, with post debate polling favoring Oz.

Democrats hope Shapiro fire blankets Fetterman to victory, and produces significant statehouse wins, Street told InsiderNJ.

“It’s going to be tough, but Fetterman is a fighter,” added the chairman of his U.S. Senate candidate, whom a stroke debilitated in time for the general election contest.

Street himself flirted with a U.S. Senate run prior to taking over the chairmanship of the party and backing Lieutenant Governor Fetterman for the United States Senate.

“We’re reminding people about a woman’s right to choose,” said the chairman, as he hustled between Election eve phone calls and duties. “We’re reminding voters that Mehmet Oz supports a Republican gubernatorial nominees who wants to eliminate abortion even in cases where birth threatens the life of the mother. I don’t want my granddaughters to have fewer rights than their grandmother. We want them to grow up in a world where they are safe from gun violence and expanding access to guns. A majority of guns used in crimes in New Jersey and New York are purchased in Pennsylvania. Passing an assault weapons ban would make Pennsylvania – and surrounding states – safer.”

Street also emphasized that voting rights are on the line for Pennsylvania voters.

“Doug Mastriano has denied the election results [of 2020],” the chairman pointed out, “and Dr. Oz is supporting him. Dr. king and JFK literally died to protect and to pass civil rights and voting rights, and to fail to secure these rights would run afoul of their legacy. We’re reminding voters that John Fetterman will be the 51st senator who will vote to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”

A resident of Philadelphia, Street promised big turnout in the southeast corner of the state to complement Fetterman’s Braddock Pittsburgh Steeler country base.

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