Belleville Mayor Melham Still Opposed to All-VBM Election

IRVINGTON – “I dont think anyone expected an October Surprise of a sick president,” Belleville Mayor Mike Melham. “Nobody wants harm or bad [for anyone]. It could go the other way. He could get a little sympathy from people.”

During his widely panned debate performance, President Donald J. Trump gave New Jersey a shout-out when he referenced a compromised vote-by-mail process.

Melham also felt strongly that a VBM election would not not serve the people.

“I was the one that came out very outspoken against an all-vote-by-mail election,” he told InsiderNJ today. “They were using our May election as a guinea pig. We went from May to June, and I’m not concinved the post office or the state or the county officials responsible for this are up to the task.

“I am still against the mandated all-vote-by-mail election,” Melham said. [If a disabled New Jerseyan can vote in person], why can’t a voter go to a polling location?”


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