‘Tom Malinowski is in Trouble’


The votes are still being counted and Tom Malinowski’s lead continues to drop; it’s now roughly 4,300 over Republican Thomas H. Kean Jr. in CD-7.

Malinowski’s dwindling lead has been a steady occurrence since he led by almost 30,000 on Election Night.

Democrats are certainly noticing.

Blue Wave, a liberal group, sent out a message last night that bluntly stated, “Tom Malinowski is in trouble.”

The group was looking for volunteers to help “cure” ballots.

This is when campaign workers make sure a voter is able to “fix” a mail-in ballot that has been rejected for a minor discrepancy – like a mismatched signature.

Democrats planned an all-day operation today to do just that.

Republicans, of course, know how to do this too.

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