Insider NJ Features The ‘Jersey XYZ Podcast’ Episode ‘Century of the Woman’

Insider NJ is proud to feature the latest episode of the podcast Jersey XYZ, “Century of the Woman”. Three veterans of the political arena sit down with host, Stathis Theodoropoulos, to talk about the lived experience of women running for office. Theodoropoulos is joined by the Democratic mayoral candidate in Lambertville, NJ, Julia Fahl, Democratic strategist, Anne Sciaino, and the Executive Director of the Waterfront Project, Rebecca Symes.  Insider NJ looks forward to sharing future episodes of this informative podcast with our audience.

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Jersey XYZ is a podcast that dives into the policy and politics of New Jersey, looked through the lens of generation X, Y, and Z. Hosted by Stathis Theodoropoulos, a 2015 New Leaders Council NJ Fellow, he and his guests explore what is happening in Jersey, the good and the bad, and how that ultimately affects our listeners in generations X, Y, & Z.

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