Insider NJ’s 2024 Insider 100: Lobbyist Publication (PDF)


Welcome to the inaugural InsiderNJ list of 100 top lobbyists in the state of New Jersey, a list we hope presents a representative look at key governmental affairs agents laboring mostly in the halls of Trenton.

There are many lobbyists in New Jersey, who benefit from this state’s year-round legislative schedule. But there are a few firms that dominate the halls of power, which take hold of the powerful needs of blue-chip clients. As you go through the list, you will no doubt note the repetition of the names of these firms.

The men and women who lead them come from both parties and from a variety of backgrounds, usually meshing the diversity of their experience to mold the reputations of their successful businesses.

If you don’t see the name of a lobbyist you know, never fear. The overlapping disciplines of law and lobbying or other industries may prompt the placement of that name on a future 2024 InsiderNJ list.

For the purposes of this particular exercise, we kept as the priority that definition by the state Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) of lobbying as an “attempt to influence legislation, regulations, or governmental processes by communicating with, or providing a benefit to, a high-level State official” or with the general public.

The people listed are governmental affairs agents, that is to say, professionals compensated to influence legislation, regulations, or governmental processes by communicating with (for more than 20 hours in a calendar year), or providing a benefit to, a high level State official. Specifically, according the ELEC, “the preparation and travel time of an Agent is reportable as lobbying activity and is part of the calculation in determining when 20 hours has been reached.”

We hope you enjoy reading the list as much as we have enjoyed preparing it in the interest of better understanding – and more precisely communicating – the identities of key lobbying players and their firms and industries active in New Jersey state government.

Download Insider NJ’s 2024 Insider 100: Lobbyist List or view it below:

Insider NJ's 2024 Insider 100: Lobbyist
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One response to “Insider NJ’s 2024 Insider 100: Lobbyist Publication (PDF)”

  1. This makes no mention of one particular democrat lobbyist and a large Democrat contributor, Fairview Insurance Agency and Brokerage.

    They have many lucrative contracts with the State of NJ to provide insurance services.

    This company is owned by the John Graham family
    which also owns InsiderNJ.

    Does anyone see a bit of a conflict with an “impartial” news outlet reporting on NJ lobbyists while a sister company lobbies for state business?

    Can someone say “pay to play?”

    It’s no wonder InsiderNJ is one sided when it comes to reporting on NJ issues.

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