INSIDERNJ POLL: Who Do You Intend to Support in the 2020 Prez Election?

Who Do You Intend to Support for the Presidency in 2020?

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  • Martha Bartha

    Too fuckin early to say!

    • Daniel Ennis

      It’s never too early for Bernie/Tulsi.

      • Martha Bartha

        Biden/Beto 2020💀

  • Aleksandr Morse

    Gabbard Gabbard Gabbard for president.

  • E Meow

    Why was Marianne Williamson left off this poll? I voted for my second choice behind her, Tulsi Gabbard, but please correct this oversight.

  • photodeb

    Pete Buttigieg us like a young Bernie!! They would be a great team!

  • WinDork

    Tulsi 2020!!

  • Helen York

    Sanders/Gabbard ticket!

  • Laurie Cestnick

    #Bernie2020 The People’s President!! Thy smear the ones they fear! Bernie for president Tulsi for VP — for the people.

  • Blind Squirrel

    You left Howard Schultz off the list.

  • spiritbear1


  • zanzibar

    Donald Trump is the greatest US President of our lifetime. He keeps proving the UniParty wrong over and over and over again.

    Even as they tried to take him out as nominee, US election winner and after his inauguration, in two short years he’s turned the entire country around helping Americans of ever strata, race, color and religion.

    The economic numbers don’t lie. All time tax receipts, all time lows for African-American and Hispanic unemployment and a belief that Americans are a can do not socialist nation.


    • Paula J West

      You must be living on a different planet from the rest of us.

      • zanzibar

        Yes, the reality must be painful for you. Everything the Democrats said would happen under President Trump, war, unemployment, etc. hasn’t come true. Their fears however have all come true.

        The US is doing great and there’s more great news for all Americans to come. Six more years!

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