INSIDERNJ POLL: Who Won the NJTV Debate?

Who Won the Debate?

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  • JP

    LOL, must be a lot of Trump lackeys logging in this morning.

    • Heathen

      I bet a lot of folks who didn’t even watch the debate are voting! lol

    • Thomas Lardner

      …or anyone who doesn’t want a criminal to continue to represent the state of NJ in the Senate.

    • Abbot

      Pedos for menendez

  • Scott

    Watched the entire debate, Hugin is the way to go. We need to get corruption out of this state, no matter what party line we cross!

    • Cathy A

      You are kidding right? He lied throughout the debate. He is spreading baseless unsubstantiated rumors. He was fined $280 million for price gouging cancer patients and HE WILL ALLOW OFF SHORE DRILLING AND SUPPORT TRUMP. How old are you? Do you not see the authoritarian leanings of Trump? the pattern of lies and corruption and destabilization of our state? Have you ever studied the rise of authoritarianism? Do you understand that his economic policies will bankrupt us at some point? Maybe in a year, maybe 2? Do you not understand the economic, never mind human, cost of climate change? And do you not understand that we have under 12 years to fix that by lowering carbon emissions and that the Trump administration is actually raising the limits? Do you not understand how the warming of the planet works and how there will be more and more violent weather events, droughts and flooding? Do you understand what a 2.5 degree Fahrenheit temperature means for human habitation of the planet? Do you understand Democracy? Happy to tutor you on any of the details.
      Hugin is a lying Trump minion with no ability to see beyond the immediate dollars in his pocketbook.
      And everyone buying into Trump’s America is a fool. Im just sorry they are living on the same planet as the rest of us.

      • Abbot

        Pedophiles love menendez.

      • Dom


      • daniel smith


        Democrats destroy cities.
        Global warming is a theory.
        Offshore drilling is good.
        Obama was the authoritarian.
        Don’t know about Hugin but Menendez is corrupt. Term limits please.
        A simple agricultural change would sequester more CO2 than has been produced by man since the industrial revolution.
        There are better sources of information than MSMs and the global elites who want to destroy the American Middle Class. I mean Republicans have their problems but hell, Democrats are a disaster.

  • Cathy A

    Why can’t I vote? Is this site skewed?

  • Joe

    Who cares, the inner cities will come and just pull the democrat ticket.

    • Justsaying

      I don’t know… a lot will… they live in echo chambers, oblivious to mockingbird media lies. Are they completely fine with decades of getting NOTHING for their vote?Newark has seen homeless shelters closed because of lack of funding, while securing the same funding for sanctuary. People are waking up. When your elected officials spend more time representing citizens from OTHER countries, what are they doing for the people that elected them ?

      I think we may see a shift.

      When 87% of Democrats stayed home, effectively sending Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to Congress that says something. I’m just not entirely sure what it says yet. We shall see.

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