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Who Won the Presidential Debate?

David Greenberg, a Rutgers University–New Brunswick professor of history and of journalism and media studies, offered his own quote about the outcome of the final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The winner of tonight’s debate is the mute button,” said Greenberg. “President Trump kept his cool for about a half hour, but then lost it. Biden is never going to be Mr. Eloquent, but he was very coherent and cogent tonight.”

Greenberg specializes in American political and cultural history, and is a contributing editor and columnist at Politico Magazine. He is the author of Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency.

A Democratic source, however, was not as sanguine about Biden’s performance.

“My heart is sinking,” the source said. “Joe didn’t keep going back to COVID and he needed to. Race will tighten slightly not greatly.”

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement on tonight’s Presidential debate:

“During tonight’s Presidential Debate in Nashville, President Trump demonstrated that he is the man to continue to lead our Great American Comeback and keep our nation safe. Joe Biden would be the worst person to put in charge of the economy just as workers are getting back on their feet. New Jersey cannot afford Joe Biden.”

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  • Joe Biden is the next president. He is the voice of the people. He has a big heart and will serve this country up a much better economy with millions of new jobs at home. Secure social Security so that it is not hit with cuts and instead has a future…we need! He will fight for the rights of all people regardless of color and category of wealth. He will not be a corrupt president and he will innovate for a new bright future to look to!

  • Moe Howard

    Tired old man who will be in office a few months tops. Should the American people vote to commit national suicide, Harris will be president. If Joe doesn’t go peacefully, Nancy will invoke the 25th. Wake up America!

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