Introducing Insider NJ’s Political Events Calendar

We’re happy to introduce the latest feature that we’ve added to the site: the Insider NJ Political Events Calendar, which you’ll see on the right panel of the site above the “trending” bar.

With so many different organizations, candidates, elected officials, and other entities in the Garden State that hold various events, we thought it would be useful for you – both organization and reader – to have a central calendar you can visit each day and see what’s happening around the state.

Whether its a candidate fundraiser, a county party dinner, a gala, a municipal BBQ or holiday party, or a press conference, panel event, or committee meeting, you can submit your event to be placed on the Insider NJ Political Events Calendar.

Since its user-generated, all you have to do is fill in the requisite information below the calendar on the page, and we’ll get the information and upload it onto the calendar (just make sure you fill it out completely with the name, date, time, venue name, and address, as well as any additional information in the details section).

So, feel free to submit your event!

We’ve also added another helpful, and navigational, feature: the Latest News bar which lists all the articles in chronological order as they’re posted, which you can find right below the “trending” column on the right panel.


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