Jersey City’s Mayor Discusses the Pandemic’s Impact on the City and Increasing Crime Rates, with Steve Adubato

Steve Adubato speaks with Steven Fulop, Mayor, Jersey City, about “Democracy at a Crossroads,” the impact of the pandemic on leadership in Jersey City, and the need to address the increased crime in the city.

Steve Adubato asks Mayor Fulop what the number one leadership lesson he has learned in the past two years. Fulop says, “I think the last two years have strengthened our team, relying on some of the key leadership people here to make decisions. Trusting data and science and making decisions even at the time if it feels like there’s public sentiment that might be pushing back. You have to have courage in order to do what you think is the right thing”

Regarding increased crime rates in Jersey City, Fulop says, “Poverty and mental issues are really leading to a lot of the violence that we’re seeing, that’s happening at younger ages.” He adds, “I don’t think anyone has cracked the code yet.”

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