LD3 Snapshot: Durr Versus Burzichelli

Ed Durr became a folk hero two years ago when he beat Steve Sweeney to win a state Senate seat in South Jersey’s 3rd Legislative District.

Now he’s just a state senator running for reelection.

Well, not really, but like the Jets winning Super Bowl III, the magic of an improbable upset happens only once.

Still, the race in a district spanning at least parts of Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties is a fun one to watch.

Durr’s opponent is John Burzichelli, a former Assemblyman who was swept away two years ago, when Durr ousted Sweeney.

Durr is a truck driver by trade and that’s not something he wants people to forget.

A social media page devoted to his reelection refers to him as Ed “The Trucker” Durr.

And in a recent campaign video, Durr says, “I may be just a truck driver, but there are thousands just like me.”

He mentioned nurses, cops, firefighters and laborers, all of whom want their voices heard.

The point is hard to miss. Given the fact he’s not a typical politician – meaning a lawyer – Durr is better equipped to represent so-called average folk.

The district has about 10,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. But that can be misleading. Registration aside, the district is considered more conservative than other parts of the state.

Sweeney may have been Senate President, but he was no radical liberal.

Burzichelli and his fellow Dems, however, are not shy about stressing a central party theme this campaign season – abortion rights.

“The number one threat to women’s rights is Ed Durr.”

So proclaims a Facebook post on behalf of the Dems by the South Jersey Women’s Alliance.

The interesting point is that Republicans are enthusiastic about their chances in Democratic-held seats in such places as LD-4, LD-11, LD-16 and LD-38.

But in this one, they’re the ones playing defense.

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  1. Be aware that if you leave an opinion that the Democrats do not like or agree with you put your well-being in danger of being harassed by local inspectors and tax collectors this has become much worse since the last election.

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