LD8 Flashpoint: Howarth Lays on the Late Red Mail Meat for Trump Loyalists

Burlington County GOP Chairman Sean Earlen held a municipal chairs meeting last week – 17 of 40 showed – and he mostly brushed off establishment-jettisoned incumbent Assemblyman Joe Howarth Republican Primary roadkill.

Most sources  anticipate a victory by Earlen’s ticket of Assemblyman Ryan Peters and (Sheriff) Jean Stanfield in the 8th District, but at least one source said he felt the new boss (a replacement for retired Chairman Bill Layton) handled the Howarth issue wrong from day one and caused the intra-party fight.

Even if he’s not the favorite, Howarth’s “going out with a bang,” according to the BurlCo source.

“He definitely going down fighting,” the source noted.

Severed from Navy SEAL Peters’ side, Howarth has floundered to find off the line traction.

His main strategy has been to identify the President Donald Trump wing of the party, affix himself to it, then lash out at his former running mate and at Stanfield for refusing to commit themselves to the president and his agenda (mail piece above).

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