Linden Councilwoman Yamakitis Endorses Mahr for Chair of Union Dems

Linden Councilwoman Michele Yamakaitis today endorsed Mayor Colleen Mahr for Chair and
Mayor Armstead for Vice Chair of the Union Democratic Party.

“I’m wishing Chairman Green a speedy recovery and wishing his family well during this difficult time,” the councilwoman said in a statement. “With the resignation of our fine Chairman due to his health, two candidates are pursuing the Chairmanship.  

“I have a firsthand experience working with both candidates on business and personal matters. From this experience, I can without hesitation and with a clear conscience, endorse Mayor Colleen Mahr of Fanwood. She is a unifier; we’ve witnessed this in her as Vice Chair, and if elected Chair, we can expect her to continue bringing the party together.  

“When I was deep in a local race for my ward Colleen was there to support me. She is the epitome of the leader we need in Union County. She has been on the frontlines for the Democratic Party for almost two decades, supporting local candidates like me, our recently elected Governor Murphy, and stewarding the values we stand for. Colleen will continue fighting for us, our municipalities and build the bench for young and old to work together side by side.   

“I want to commend Linden Mayor Derek Armstead for joining Mayor Mahr’s ticket as her Vice Chair. This is a dynamic team that will lead our Union County Democratic Party forward. Derek could’ve taken the easy way out, partaking in the backroom dealings of the good ol’ boys, but that isn’t who he is or what he is about. Mayor Armstead believes we should celebrate leaders and women like Colleen, and so do I.  

“This is our opportunity to elect leaders who fight for us in both the suburbs and cities of Union County. On Wednesday February 21st 2018, I urge you, the Union County Committee Members to elect Mayor Colleen Mahr as our next Chairwoman and Mayor Armstead our next Vice Chairman.”

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