Live Stream: Governor Murphy’s COVID-19 Briefing: July 22nd


The statewide COVID-19 count stands at 177645 cases and 13,787 fatalities (as well as 1,920 probably fatalities) as of Wednesday.

COVID-19 Cases by County
Data is provisional and subject to revision.

Bergen County

30 New Positives 1,768 Confirmed Deaths
20,099 Positive Test Results 263 Probable Deaths
Hudson County

14 New Positives 1,316 Confirmed Deaths
19,281 Positive Test Results 175 Probable Deaths
Essex County

23 New Positives 1,842 Confirmed Deaths
19,173 Positive Test Results 247 Probable Deaths
Middlesex County

26 New Positives 1,180 Confirmed Deaths
17,379 Positive Test Results 212 Probable Deaths
Passaic County

17 New Positives 1,082 Confirmed Deaths
17,196 Positive Test Results 156 Probable Deaths
Union County

31 New Positives 1,167 Confirmed Deaths
16,351 Positive Test Results 175 Probable Deaths
Ocean County

63 New Positives 941 Confirmed Deaths
10,054 Positive Test Results 70 Probable Deaths
Monmouth County

36 New Positives 751 Confirmed Deaths
9,720 Positive Test Results 100 Probable Deaths
Camden County

23 New Positives 508 Confirmed Deaths
7,888 Positive Test Results 55 Probable Deaths
Mercer County

14 New Positives 565 Confirmed Deaths
7,858 Positive Test Results 43 Probable Deaths
Morris County

19 New Positives 672 Confirmed Deaths
7,010 Positive Test Results 153 Probable Deaths
Burlington County

12 New Positives 426 Confirmed Deaths
5,490 Positive Test Results 41 Probable Deaths
Somerset County

9 New Positives 472 Confirmed Deaths
5,082 Positive Test Results 78 Probable Deaths
Atlantic County

12 New Positives 225 Confirmed Deaths
3,161 Positive Test Results 15 Probable Deaths
Cumberland County

7 New Positives 141 Confirmed Deaths
3,095 Positive Test Results 13 Probable Deaths
Gloucester County

15 New Positives 192 Confirmed Deaths
2,870 Positive Test Results 7 Probable Deaths
Warren County

6 New Positives 155 Confirmed Deaths
1,295 Positive Test Results 14 Probable Deaths
Sussex County

3 New Positives 158 Confirmed Deaths
1,256 Positive Test Results 37 Probable Deaths
Hunterdon County

1 New Positives 70 Confirmed Deaths
1,102 Positive Test Results 56 Probable Deaths
Salem County

4 New Positives 76 Confirmed Deaths
841 Positive Test Results 5 Probable Deaths
Cape May County

2 New Positives 80 Confirmed Deaths
762 Positive Test Results 5 Probable Deaths

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  • Phyllis Searby

    Chris Christie should just keep his opinions to himself. He wasn’t that good a governor. He’s so quick to judge. I don’t like people in the state of New Jersey criticizing Governor Murphy. He’s trying his darndest to keep us safe. We should all be thank for that. People in this state do not appreciate a governor who ha our best interests at heart trying to keep us safe. The least we can do is follow his advice.

  • Phyllis Searby

    Chris Christie should keep his big mouth shut. He wasn’t that effective as a governor. He’s so quick to judge. I can’t stand the people of New Jersey who can’t abide by Governor Murphy’s sound advice. He trying very hard to keep us safe. The least we can do is abide by his recommendations. He’s trying to keep us safe. Remember that folks before you decide you’re not wearing a mask. Wearing a mask helps. It helps me to protect others and those wearing masks protect me as well. WAKE UP people.

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