Lou Stellato: The Post-Sports and Expo Nomination InsiderNJ Interview

Up for a seat on the Sports and Expo Authority, Bergen County Democratic Committee Chairman Lou Stellato  insisted that he doesn’t have any immediate plans to hand over the chairmanship.

“So now I have two jobs,” he told InsiderNJ. “You got Kevin [Middlesex County Democratic Committee Chairman] McCabe at the Port Authority and Leroy [Essex County Democratic Committee Chairman] Jones at Sports and Expo.

“I just got reelected unanimously,” he added of the chairmanship. “Why do you want this? You’ve got the Meadowlands [District of Sports and Expo], and I’ve always said it’s the last frontier. If you don’t have a ombudsman to cut through the red tape you’ve got a problem. There are many reasons I’d like to be there. My grandfather ran a brickyard over there. We played hockey in the wintertime over there and smoked the pokes in the summer. I want to make sure businesses get welcomed with open arms. We need planned, orderly and sensible development.”

Stellato wouldn’t speculate on the future or entertain any narrative of himself departing imminently.

“You provide good government and that supports good politics,” he said. “I have nothing else to prove. I love what I do. If I’m not the chairman I’ll still be very active. Titles are nice but they come and go.”

At the moment, he said he’s primarily politically focused on helping to reelect U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-5), and the countywide Democratic ticket.

“Here’s my concern,” he confessed, referring to Menendez’s Republican challenger Bob Hugin. “You have this guy spending millions of dollars on negative ads against Senator Menendez. I still believe the public has visceral disdain for that kind of campaign.”

But it could foster an atmosphere of complacency, he said, and apathy.

“That scares me,” the Bergen chairman said. “My job is to get this done from the top. Bob Menendez has been a public servant to the sick, needy and handicapped. He’s tailormade for the moral obligation of government. This other guy would be nothing but a Trump delegate.”

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