Lumberton ReOrg: Benson elevated to Mayor, LaPlaca becomes Deputy

Tuesday evening Terrance Benson became Lumberton’s new mayor.

Outgoing Mayor Gina LaPlaca nominated Benson with a heartfelt motion. “It’s my honor to nominate my running mate, my friend and my personal hero Terrance Benson as Mayor” said LaPlaca.

Benson, a 23-year law enforcement veteran and PBA member was first elected in 2020 with LaPlaca. In 2022 he was on the short list for consideration for County Sheriff but instead will stand for re-election in Lumberton this year.

Benson told the capacity crowd, “I am humbled and deeply honored to take on the role as Mayor. Our Township Committee is a great team, and we will continue to move this great town forward.”

Lori Faye, the newest member of Township Committee, was also sworn into office. Faye a CWA member, resigned from the local school board to take her seat on the committee. Faye received 58% of the vote in the November Election in Lumberton which was under Republican control as recently as 2019. Democrats have now won the local election five years in a row giving the party a 5-0 majority.

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