MCCEA and EAS Carpenters Unions Announce Joint Endorsement in Morris County Commissioners’ Race

Carpenters and Teachers Endorse Morris County Slate

At a fundraiser hosted by Morris County Democratic Committee Chairman Chip Robinson, the Morris County Democratic Commissioner slate of T.C McCourt, A.J. Oliver and Dina Mikulka announced a rare, joint endorsement by the Morris County Council of Education Associations (MCCEA), affiliate of the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), and the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters.

“Solidarity between Organized Labor is pivotal to the success of growing the middle-class and enhancing the quality of life for working families,” said William C. Sproule, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters. “Morris County has an opportunity to elect leaders who will fight for working class issues and the well-being of hardworking men and women. The Carpenters and Educators both know that the slate of McCourt, Oliver and Mikulka will represent the values for the union and working-class families in Morris County.”

Together, the MCCEA and Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters represent thousands of union members and their families throughout Morris County. The Morris County Commissioners’ race is important to both unions as they strive to support and work with candidates who truly understand union and middle-class values.

“We face major issues here in Morris County, especially within our county college.  We believe McCourt, Oliver and Mikulka will work to ensure educators have a seat at the table and input into the important educational decisions made at the county level,” said MCCEA President Laurie Schorno.

“It is important for labor unions to stay united in support of elected officials who value working families. Whether a private or public-sector employee it’s about safe working conditions, livable wages and the ability to have a voice in the workplace,” said NJEA President-elect Sean M. Spiller.  “Fundamentally, it is about respect for the employees, their families and support of the important work we do in our communities.”

(Attached Picture Caption: Ann Marie Finnen NJEA Member, Dina Mikulka, T.C McCourt, A.J. Oliver, Chip Robinson, Morris County Democratic Chari, Lori Schorno, President of the MCCEA, Anthony Abrantes, Organizing Director EASRCC, Tom Iveson Senior Council Representative EASRCC, Cyndie Williams EASRCC)

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