Murphy Fires Back at Trump

Governor Phil Murphy shot back at President Donald J. Trump this afternoon via Twitter.

“We all know is fighting for millionaires like himself. I’m fighting for New Jersey’s middle class and all those working to get there,” Murphy tweeted.

The governor’s remark came on the heels of the president tweeting congratulations to the Democratic legislature that forced the governor to sign a FY2020 budget that did not contain the millionaire’s tax he craved.

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  • 1Prop

    Phony Phil, if you were fighting for the middle class, you would be cutting taxes for everybody and addressing the property tax crisis in the state. Instead, you’re trying to build Progressive cred for your next move, which isn’t happening because you got your butt kicked by Sweeney and Caughlin. So as you sit in your mansion, probably in your “California Cave,” drinking a wimpy Budweiser, start looking for your next career.

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