Murphy: The Jersey Shore will be Open in Time for Memorial Day Weekend

“Our shore and our lakeshores will be open in time for Memorial Weekend,” Governor Phil Murphy told reporters today at the War Memorial in Trenton at his COVID-19 briefing.

The number of beachgoers will be restricted per beach.

Social distancing will extend to beaches.

Authorities will enforce at least six-foot distances between beach groups.

Organized games and contact sports will be prohibited, Murphy added.

He anounced the news on the eve of a likely grim COVID-19 milestone in the Garden State, namely the 10K fatality mark. Another 244 New Jerseyans have perished from the virus, according to Murphy, bringing the statewide total to 9,946.

Today, two weeks after he re-opened public parks, he also announced the re-opening of bathrooms and restrooms at those parks, beginning as early as this coming Saturday.

Restaurants will remain open for take-out only.

“We need to continue to comply at the beach,” the governor said.

In the last 24 hours, the state processed an additional 1,216 COVID-19 positive cases, bringing the statewide total to 142,704 cases.

“We can make the case that we are the most impacted state in the nation,” the governor said. “We have slipped a bit when it comes to new cases. Sadly, in new deaths per 100,000, we are still number one in the country. …The tragedy within the tragedy is long-term care facilities.”

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