Murphy: Make Masks a Requirement


Backdropped by sand dunes at the Jersey Shore, Gov. Phil Murphy said Sunday there should be a “national requirement” that everyone wear face masks amid the coronavirus.

“It’s become almost not even debatable,” the governor told NBC TV’s “Meet the Press.” “Certainly when you’re going out and absolutely indoors. As I mentioned, this virus is a lot more lethal inside than outside. But if you’re leaving your house, put on a mask. I think it ought to be a national, a national requirement.”

New Jersey has lost 15,211 people owing to complications arising from COVID-19.

Standing on the beach as – “the gem of the Jersey Shore” – he spoke to Andrea Mitchell, Murphy said, “This thing is lethal. New Jersey’s paid an enormous price. …We’re starting to see small spikes as people come back from Myrtle Beach. There was a wedding in Myrtle Beach. We have absolutely have evidence of folks – Jersey folks – who were at that wedding and they came back to New Jersey. We’re only as strong as our weakest link.”

Murphy called for a “national strategy” with masks at the core.

He called it not even debatable.

“It ought to be a national requirement,” the governor said.

“New Jerseyans have down the right thing from the get-go,” he added. But they stand to face higher risks with people entering New Jersey from states that did not take similar precautions at the outset of the virus’ outbreak.

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  • Robert Knapp

    I completely agree with Governor Murphy. Unfortunately many are not taking the virus at this time in a serious nature. Our Governor and his team are acting in the best interests for the health and safety of all residents. I truly believe that the wearing of face masks and other precautions will be with us for a long time to come and we must take all of the precautions in a most serious vein.

    I have stated this before and will continue to state that we in New Jersey are fortunate for Governor Phil Murphy and his team.

    Bob Knapp, Jersey City

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