Murphy Savages Van Drew


Governor Phil Murphy today released the following statement on reports that U.S. Representative Jeff Van Drew is becoming a Republican:

“Jeff Van Drew has chosen his political career over our Constitution. Despite knowing full well that the President has abused the powers of his office, Congressman Van Drew is now willing to enable Donald Trump just to try to salvage his own election. Congressman Van Drew has long voted against core Democratic values, like a livable minimum wage and commonsense gun safety, while other New Jersey Democrats were fighting for more affordable health care, to keep the SALT deduction, and to protect middle-class taxpayers. Betraying our values by siding with Donald Trump is the final straw and made it impossible for him to continue being supported by our party, as grassroots activists, local party leaders in his district, and I have made clear in recent weeks. This party switch is cynical and desperate, and I am confident that a Democrat who shares the values and priorities of our Democratic Party will hold this seat.”

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2 responses to “Murphy Savages Van Drew”

  1. “…and to protect middle-class taxpayers.” Obviously, the fool, Murphy, has NOT noticed that the middle class has either run already or are packing to get outta here!

  2. Holy cow, we’re not even allowed to own a sling shot in NJ. I had squirrels in my attic, I was not allowed to kill them. Had to pay $2,500 to an exterminator to get rid of them! Had a family of skunks under my deck, I had to get rid of them myself, could not afford another $2,500 to get rid of them!!! The legislature of the state of NJ is INSANE!!!!!

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